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Moose and Caribou Chews



~ Moose and Caribou Chews ~

Coming within the next year are our Moose and Caribou Chews.

Moose and Caribou chews are a safe, natural, odorless product that is beneficial to a canine’s health. They are recommended by veterinarians as a tool for allowing a dog to enjoy its natural chewing instinct, especially for puppies.

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Our goal is to provide you (our customers) with nicely packaged, conveniently priced and sized chew toys to take home to your dogs. The market consists of local pet retailers, veterinarian offices, and grooming facilities. However, WNLDC will be a wholesaler of Moose and Caribou chew toys.

A full set of Caribou antlers can weigh up to 35 lbs. While a full set of Moose antlers can weigh up to 50 lbs. Each set of antlers can be cut into approximately ten antler chews (varying in sizes).  We will be purchasing our whole antlers from hunters during the hunting season between September to December.

moose chewsmoose chews 2


Our Moose and Caribou Chews will be available in three sizes as well as a medallion.

  • Small (3”-4” in length)
  • Medium (5”-6” in length)
  • Large (6”-7” in length)
  • The medallion is a burr (which will be sold as its own product)

Unlike bone or plastic chew toys, antler chew toys do not splinter or break (if they are fresh and not old and brittle). The antler chew will only be ground down by the dogs’ teeth.

Dogs need to chew, and antler chew toys provide them with a healthy alternative that is long lasting, cleans their teeth and won’t stain carpets or release any strange odors.

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