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Hand-Tied Wreaths and Swags


~ Balsam Fir Christmas Wreaths and Swags ~

Why buy a machine-made wreath for the holidays when you can purchase a beautiful hand-tied Balsam Fir Christmas Wreath? Add the smell and cheer of Christmas throughout your home with a product made right here in our province.

With a commercial harvesting permit our team collect tips from crown land here in western Newfoundland. The WNLDC is working with persons in rural NL to maintain the tradition by providing a high-quality product in an ecologically responsible manner.

Our Balsam Fir Christmas Wreaths are available in four sizes, and can be purchased decorated or non-decorated. (customer and commercial sizes)

  • 12” double and single rings
  • 16” double and single rings
  • 4’ double ring
  • 6’ double ring

The wreath decor consists of holly berries, pine cones and a hand-tied bow that are offered in a variety of patterns and colors.

The customer sized wreath (12”-16”) will be sold through municipalities, member organizations, and other likeminded organizations. The towns and Development Associations can call citizens and connect with them individually to place orders. Customers are also able to pre-order if they choose to do so.

~ Swags ~

Like the wreaths, they are made with a double-bar frame, and balsam tips are tied to the frame, same as the wreaths. These, like the wreaths can be decorated and non-decorated.

The Swags are available in one size. Although, depending on the tips they may appear slightly different in size.

Have a safe and delightful holiday season.


For individual wreath orders via paypal:
Price: $30.00 plus Shipping and Appropriate Taxes
Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

Or you can place a bulk order via:
Email: WNLDCOperations @

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