Project Development Through Community Engagement


a. A Commitment to Collaboration: We are committed to work collaboratively to achieve common goals of partners and stakeholders; we will make every effort to deliver, on time and within our guidelines, the commitments we make to our partners and stakeholders; we will welcome change and seek to marry improvements in process and products to the traditions that have served us well for many years; and we will aspire at all times to do our jobs better in every dimension. We will engage in and promote activities to encourage development of other co-operatives and to educate the public with respect to the value of co-operatives in creating a more collaborative socio-economic environment.

b. A Commitment to Quality Services: We will be leaders in our field in our effort to maximize returns to all our partners and stakeholders. We will achieve leadership in our field: by meeting expectations; by being proactive, innovative, and flexible in creating services and processes and in resolving problems; by being mindful of the many, sometimes contradictory, demands and expectations of our different partners and stakeholders; and by engaging in fair and honest business practices.

c. A Commitment to Treating Others with Respect, Trust and Dignity: We will create a respectful and meaningful workplace, characterized by honest, direct and relevant communications. We will conduct business in a manner that is respectful of the individuals engaged in the process with the objective of quality performance. We are committed to communicating definable and measurable goals. We will act with integrity and engender trust in both partners and stakeholders. We will honour diversity, individuality and personal and professional differences. We are committed to conducting our business with the highest professional and ethical standards.

d. A Commitment to Employees’ Growth and Well-Being: We are committed to a work environment characterized by continuous learning, an entrepreneurial and can-do spirit with a team orientation. It is an objective to create a workplace with a healthy balance between professional and personal lives. We will empower all employees by promoting personal responsibility and accountability along with creative thinking, innovation and informed risk-taking in our activities. This will enable us to attract and retain the best-qualified people.

e. A Commitment to the Environment: We are committed to operating in a manner that minimized our environmental footprint, while encouraging partners, stakeholders and the general public to engage in environmentally friendly practices. We will balance the need to grow our region’s economy and create economic benefits with preservation of the environment.

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