Project Development Through Community Engagement

Executive Summary

The Western Newfoundland and Labrador Developers Co-operative (WNLDC) was incorporated in January of 2013. The vision of the WNLDC is to act as a community service organization that will promote job creation, community and economic development.

WNLDC is focused on community engagement. Our mission is to develop sustainable projects based on community resources and the traditions of Newfoundland and Labrador. We aim to provide: employment for individuals who reside in our communities and through this high quality products that highlight our cultural talents and/or natural resources and deliver value to our customers.

We have created a diversified product line through which we will:

  •  Create revenue year round
  • Employ individuals in rural NL
  • Utilize our natural resources in a manner that balances the need to grow our region’s economy and create economic benefits with preservation of the environment

The WNLDC has launched one product, hand-tied Balsam Fir Christmas wreaths in Nov. 2013. This project created revenue and employed 13 individuals in two rural towns. In 2015 we will launch birch syrup, culinary mushrooms, and continue with the Christmas wreaths. By 2016 we will have tested feasibility of fuel wood and moose chews.

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