Project Development Through Community Engagement

“Productivity” or “Babysteps”

I had an amazingly/hellishly busy Remembrance Day weekend. Once a few medical appointments were out of the way (There is not the medical infrastructure up here in the Great Northern Peninsula that we would like), I was able to secure several meetings and lay the groundwork for my future in this wonderful new organization. Unfortunately, much of Thursday and the following Tuesday had been a wash due to travel up and down the coast, but I managed to get several meetings out of the way on Friday, Monday and over the weekend.

Most productive of my time spent was on Friday, where I spent the entire day at Grenfell Campus of Memorial University of Newfoundland, and had a variety of discussions with several department heads, as well as various groups who wished to get involved in our projects; most fundamentally our Holiday Wreath initiative before the new year. I also managed to speak with some old friends of mine among the faculty, and helped wrap my head around some of the challenges that lay before me, while also laying the groundwork for my babysteps in the right direction. Truly an amazing feeling when people with Ph.D.s can look at me and say, “You were made for this position.”

I also spoke with several friends of mine on the ground who agreed to do some primary grassroots work in-person. They can help me talk to those whom I cannot easily reach by phone as well as abusing their own contacts in the community to assist in finding agencies who may wish to work with us on our various projects. Unfortunately, due to the long weekend, many of the powers-that-be were away from their desks on Friday and Monday, but the work that I got done this holiday will most certainly pay dividends.

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