Project Development Through Community Engagement

“ROAD TRIP!” or “Wagons South…?”

Map Trip BA - CBSo we’re coming up on the long weekend, and what better opportunity for myself and Sarah to get some appointments out of the way while we’re down in the beautiful Humber Valley. To make matters even more convenient, the extra time we’ll be down in that neck of the woods will be an ideal time for me to sort out some people for the teams of sales agents, vendors and manufacturing groups in the area. It’s win-win, really.

I can also meet some members of the board, and do some marketing on my own. I’ve got a few places to meet up with, some townships in the area and some businesses who might wish to avail of our current, active project: Holiday Wreaths. It’s an ideal time to drop by the Parsons Pond office and take care of some things there while enroute, and check out some regional offerings for products to help support our cause. Why waste a perfectly good trip down the coast when I can avail of so much that the province has to offer?

This is just a quick update, most of my work these days consists of phonecalls, emails and attempting to arrange our various teams. If you’re interested in buying, selling or making wreaths, please don’t feel shy about contacting me. I’m just your neighborhood Operations Manager for the Western Newfoundland and Labrador Developers Cooperative!

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