Project Development Through Community Engagement

“Week One” or “Change of Command Parade”

1150127_744611062285006_7584761101989682365_nOkay, so here I am, your friendly neighborhood Operations Manager. I have been feverishly stumbling in my effort to find my stride for the past week, since our first board meeting. I think it’s coming along, as are the PR Kits for our current project, the Hand-Made Holiday Wreaths.

It’s wondrous, sort of like trick-or-treat (seasonally appropriate), easter egg hunting, Christmas gifts and a scavenger hunt all rolled into one. I am enjoying the transition and find my duties, only on my second day, challenging and rewarding. Working from home has it’s own challenges, especially when I am working from a limited-bandwidth internet connection, but it could be worse.

What it all boils down to is this: I have an amazing job, for a fantastic organization, who’s sole purpose is to create work for one of of the regions of the province. I am getting paid to do what I’ve spent the past 15 years doing on my own, to network and make social contacts in order to make greater strides to improve the local economy of my region.

This is candy land, ladies and gentlemen, I’m on top of the world. Just imagine how much I can get done from up here.

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